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Broadband IS here!

No more waiting for DSL or Cable to come to your area. High-speed broadband internet access is now being installed Alvin, TX and surrounding areas. For about the cost of a second phone line and dial-up internet, you can be surfing at speeds comparable to dsl/cable. 

Check out the pricing page for details of the different packages available, and click more faq of fixed wireless broadband.

Click on our signup page and fill out the pre-registration form so we can contact you with details. There is no obligation to filling out the form and we will not share your information with anyone.


Benefits of fixed wireless internet:

High-speed internet access where cable and DSL can't reach.

Always on connection, no phone lines needed.

Gamer friendly with low ping times.

No additional software required.

This is not satellite. Satellite is slower and you will lose your connection in bad weather. This is true broadband that is not affected by the weather.

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Internet payment

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